The Diet Debunker

Healthy eating is integral to a healthy lifestyle.  To others, healthy eating is synonymous to dieting and mainly done to achieve to weight loss.  The sad fact, however, is that people are confused as to what diet is really the best diet as even the world's hottest diets have strengths and weaknesses.  

Countless studies have been conducted to arrive at the best approach to weight loss but despite more than two decades of the weight loss war, it boils down to this:  healthy eating and consequent weight loss necessitates the consumption of healthy amounts of nutritious foods.

Dealing With Adult Incontinence

Older adults can often suffer from incontinence. It may be as a result of a weak bladder as result of aging, or other medical conditions. For the patient, this can often be an embarrassing condition to experience, and an awkward problem to address. If you are affected by incontinence, there are steps you can take to deal with the problem, and to establish better bladder control where possible. This can help you overcome the condition, and feel more comfortable in your day-to-day life. There is no shame in incontinence, other than not seeking treatment, and there is a lot you can do on your own to improve your situation.

The first concern for many suffering from incontinence is how they deal with the symptoms of the problem. It is very useful to discuss treating incontinence, but sufferers often require more immediate, practical advice. Incontinence pants and pads are now more discreet than they have ever been, and patients can even order these for delivery to their home. These can be worn throughout the day under your regular clothes, as a first line of defense. For female sufferers, absorbent pads can also be a viable solution to capture leaks.

Nurses Saving the Day

Nurses are the often un-sung heroes of the medical field, and it's sad why this has come to be. We hold doctors in such inflated reverence, that we treat nurses simply as their assistants. In fact, nurses provide much more than mere assistance. Nurses are part of a doctor's support staff and without them, many integral tasks to help people get better and survive, would go undone.

Nurses aren't doctors who didn't make it, as many would have you believe. They are a part of the pre, during and after care systems, that are of paramount importance in keeping our population healthy and alive. From administrative tasks to the most technical operating support tasks, without nurses, you would be very uncomfortable in the hospital, or anywhere medical treatment is administered. Here are a few things that nurses do to help us all enjoy the best health care possible.